Saturday, January 24, 2009

bye the way!!!

Sometimes when I ask myself why does this happen to me???...I simply go nowhere with no reasons.Mostly when our nature is in the mood of romance,my heart & soul starts thinking of our past days and says if she would be with me,we both would have enjoyed the beauty of nature(ofcourse free of cost :->) .Virtually I start visualising the circumstance there if we both would be together.Thinking of playing with her hairs,instantly pinching her softly,holding her hands,often caught (red handed) trying to woo her (by her friends),sometimes trying to slide towards her,sometimes asking her to put my arms around her usually makes me laugh at myself.Again steping back to real world I find myself sitting alone OR finding reason in void.Often many times I asked why she did this,silence is the easiest way to deliver.
Did she felt the same pain or simply she don't waant to answer my bullshit questions???Whatever now a days I really don't care of her existence.Why should I always???Enough is enough.I really tried hard for not happening things like this way but I FAILED :-(.She left me alone in this crowd, doesn't stops it goes on & on.I didn't say anything to her but simplt enquired why?? But even today also I am helpless.May be for her I may not be of any use now.Whatever she did,she did fine.I'm really very thankful to her,she gave me very kind things in life.Thanks to her love,rather ours.Sorry Mr. Unlucky what are you wating for.Move ahead yaar somehow your this part of life needs to be flurished very carefully.


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