Saturday, November 22, 2008


Remember if you can dream something-you can do anything.
what actually dreams are??? in my words dreams are something which inspires somebody to relate ones future in the present time.dreams are actually the ultimate source of inspiring ideas that some how come into our mind to command our destinies.
who is the right dreamer???the dreamer must be some one who will fall in love with the dream,even though it will make a dramatic entry into the human mind as an awesome impossible idea! but it's the dreamer's work to make it sure that the dream must be welcomed very passionately,instinctively,impulsively into his heart,hugging the holy,happy possibility as something precious!the first love ,the new born baby!
now it needs to be reproduced.yes reproduce it,for no dream is ever a dream,the divine dream is delegated to a dedicate doer!the dreamer become pregnant with what will become a new life.a beautiful creation!a glorious achievement!an awesome success!
Success begins once we start to believe in the beautiful dream that some how migles with in us.once success starts it can never stop.for sure success is a never ending process.and now thats the time for you to count your chicken before they hatch.dont ever look back to your life,only move forward & forward.

my way of doing work is simple.have the right attitude,passion,dedication,patience....& of all believe in yourself.and is it .... called SUCCESS.


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ashish choubey said...

gud 2 see u at life phylosophy again. keep updating ur blog as sum1 is watin 4 it curiously..