Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Look forward for creating a safer 2009...

As we all are aware of the attacks and serial bombblasts last year in almost all the region of india,this year we all must be sincere as a reponsible Indian.The serial blast in Bangalore,Ahmedabad,assam,jaipur,delhi led many people into shock and fear of their life and property.any how surat escaped from the deadly blast and the name behind these attacks were some mujhahhidins..but even then our govt. is still sitting idle.and finally 26/11 mumbai blast awaken the mass and to some extent our cocky govt. mumbai,india's bussiest metro,a place where life has no end points collapesed with in few hours after the jihadis attacked some important hotels such as taj,trident and nariman house are the worst hit places of mumbai.

But the question is what we people didi as being a indian??? And a simple answer to this appealing question is nothing .people all over the world just prayed for who lost their life and property ; to some extent they outpoured their anger in the form of bandhs and protest only.But is this protest and bandhs going to bring back them who have lost their dear ones,who became impaired and handicapped.The total sceneraio all over the world was all diplomatic.Our home minister resgined,some ministers spoke some emotional & heart winning statements only.and the whole sarcasm as done by muslims & ofcourse pakistan's LET.those bullshits trained the poor & uneducated pakis ;and led the whole operation.

fuck enough is enough.now its the time to get serious,damn serious.as an indivisual we must do some thing to overcome these preplanned operations.its time to get united and believe me we can do anything.you know each indivisual need to stand up and say i'll do one small thing to change thing.if we want change we be the change first then only we can influence others.

paar bolne aur karne mein bahut faarq hai.so let us stand togethers to make india brighter and safer india.


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