Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There is a quote which says "If you want a change ,be a change".Though this quote have much weight on paper and may also have in practice.When I was a kid I use to hear that India is developing & today I'm 19 years old still I hear the same India is still developing...huh..That means India will be a developing nation forever but can't be a developed nation ever.It will be a continuous process till our death.


Being a citizen of our country what are our responsibility/duty towards our mother land??

Dumping garbages on the middle of the roads,wasting & misusing our resources provided by our government , fighting for a crap of 2 inches of land , sleeping at office during working hours , peeing by roadside , polluting our eco system abruptly , cutting down trees and jungles , cheating our natives e.t.c are our contribution in making India developing.

What's this people? You all must oblilged to our country that despite of harming to the fullest you people are quite safe here in India.Its a shame on you people.Shame!Shame!

If we people think a bit for our country then we can surely change the picture of India. If we do things from which we are only going to be benifited then please dear gentlemen quit doing that. It wouldn't help India developing. Do a work which atleast help one Indian only.It may make India move forward but surely India will move. Please uninstall the usage of "I" and try using "WE". We are here for serving our mother land.

We specially boys stare at girls blindly who are sexy...wearing mini dresses or tight skinny jeans ;) Suppose in near future we concieve a girl child and after she grows up wears such kind of dresses and other boys stare at her ...What would you do? You will probably make a frowny face or moreover you can blow the spoil brat's face in notime.Isn't it?? Realise this situation..Be broad minded guys.

And one thing I'm really frustated with is that why almost 95% or more of engineers and managment professionals who study in our country ; get the most prestigeous education along with rich indian culture opts to go abroad for rest of their life time for few more penny..Bullshit ! If those people chooses to serve our country then we can again be the "Golden Bird". But people are selfish enough to betray their own country where they were born , where they grew up , where they get their girlfriends ;) , where they had their happy days and many memorable moments to remember.. But even we do not care for our motherland.
Whatever we can do , we must try to do that modestly. And even a little effort towards the change can bring about a vast development in India.So being a true Indian I appeal each Indian to serve their own country as they can.

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