Sunday, August 23, 2009


18 Aug 2009,

Looks changed, today a new me outside though inside I was the same. Reason? Actually I was asking for a date with Eddy-Teddy but she finally agreed today and made my day different. Thanks to her for a little happiness. :)

We planned for City Centre but there were rumors that there is a bomb. So we changed our meeting point to Esplanade. I reached there by 1:45 pm and she was waiting for me outside KFC. She was with her friend Debarathi who was galloping some dish out there. I happily joined the girls out there. Initially I was very happy to see her after 6 days but later in the writing you'll get to know my feelings. We had lots of fun along with the fabulous items served there by KFC. The sundae was simply superb. I was really very thankful to almighty for making two of us together for sometime at least. I love her a lot; I just can't say how much I love her but only thing I know that I Love her and I mean it. She says she loves me but she is into a relationship, damn it! I can't make myself understand the very fact. I know at the end of the day I'll be a looser again but this time I'm pretty much confident that one day my star will fall for me. I have faith in myself and my love for her and of course GOD. GOD loves everybody and makes everybody happy one final day. I’m also waiting for my final day to come. So I believe in him blindly and I know he won't let me go down.

Oh! Lots of philosophy! ;)

After KFC, we thought what to do?? So we left KFC and thought of watching a movie. She proclaimed for latest Sahid's hit "KAMINEY". But personally speaking I didn't like the movie but no doubt Sahid at his best. So for me it was the best way to stay close to her. In those 2 hours and 30 minutes was nice being with her presence. But when the film ended here comes the bad time for me because we were leaving for home. I really felt very bad when we left for home. But its true behind every happiness there is a void, i mean sadness always prevails in everybody's life. God be with me.

Shubh. . .

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