Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am a free man

For quiet sometime I have not drafted on any topic. Though I have utilized this time in writing few poems, reading few life enhancing novels, gaining lots of information about Indian culture, Bengali cul-ture too; improved my thinking about love, relationships, duality of the human nature & real meaning of freedom. Of all the things I learned & improved upon, freedom is the most vital ingredient for self development of human being and as well as human soul.
Generally I have heard people speaking of freedom. They all talk about doing whatever we feel like is freedom. But is this is the limit of real freedom? Doing whatever, whatever has no limit. It may depict standing on the edge of the 30th floor and feeling the air blowing, jumping in the name of love & singing the song “Apologize” of “One Republic” loud or merely it may be seducing a blonde girl in the pub, proposing her for a long drive & then ending up making one night stand with the blonde & playing the song “Waiting for Tonight” of “Jenifer Lopez”, of course in the background. Freedom has different meaning in different scenario. It is not a constant; it varies from time to time, situation to situation. Even freedom is not free; it’s the situation or the scene that defines the freedom at that point. Everything including freedom depends on something other. It’s like that we all are inter-linked into a web network.
Sometimes I come across this question too, “Does everybody do whatever they feel like?” Answer to this question is an obvious “no”. That means than many people are not free either. They are bound to do things what they don’t want & they all perhaps pretend to be happy about what they do & always try to feel free and hence experience the unreal freedom. They always know from within that they don’t want to do whatever they are doing. But then why they do these things when they know what they are doing is not leading them to satisfaction? Because they don’t want to disrespect their loved one who expects them to do according to their wishes. They simply don’t want to stand for their own wishes & again in future they will repeat their past and one fine day “death” will come their way & they will go to heaven or hell which is of course calculated on their “work”.
“Is this the life living worth?” I believe and always will that “This is our life. Of course, our creation is the greatest truth of our parents love for each other. And like they love each other a lot, they love us too. And parents always want their child to get all the pleasures they have dreamed of some night. They care for our well being. They are the only teachers who taught us how to live in this cruel world. That’s why they expect us to do according to their wishes, so that we don’t get hurt ever.” But what about our wishes, desires, dreams & freedom? At times for living for our own desired life we need to betray everybody who tries to be the obstacle in the path of our goal. We should feel free to express “what we want” at least to our parents & I believe that if they love us then they will surely love the life which we have desired for ourselves. This will make u an able man in the long run.
This is the freedom I am talking about. Choosing your life the way you want it and keep everybody smiling at the same time. Freedom is all about expressing our heart’s desire to anyone. Freedom is nothing but standing still for your life’s greatest desire. It is about giving your life a meaning to live & earn. It’s about pouring your heart’s desire and sees those in reality so that we can live in freedom. A river never stops flowing even if the terrain is high it slows down its speed but continues to flow freely again.
I have a friend of mine, who wanted to join defense. But their parents never wanted him to join any-thing like that. They forced him to pursue a professional course & join some MNC in future. His parents took his career’s decision on his behalf. Now he is not interested what he is doing. He has become the most boring boy I have ever known. He have lost his happiness & of course freedom. Though he always try to escape reality by watching lots of war movies at a high volume, so that he can create a fake environment and live some moments of his desired life. Sometimes I feel sorry for him. He is the only one who can help him to overcome this situation & feel freedom. Hope one day he can stand for what he wants to be. So feel free to express, hence you can attain freedom.

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