Sunday, January 30, 2011


Take chances, tell the Truth!Smile with tongue out

Learn to say no!Be right back

Spend all your money!Surprised smile

Get to know someone random!Flirt male

Say ‘I Love You’ to someone in life you love!Red heart

Be mean! Make fun of mean people!Open-mouthed smile

Sing out loud!Nyah-Nyah

Share somebody’s pain!Disappointed smile

Take revenge! Apologize!Punch

Laugh when you fall!Rolling on the floor laughing

Get into a fight!Punk

Tell someone how much they mean to u!Thinking smile

Tell  someone how much you hate them!Annoyed

Tell the idiot how much he/she hurts you!Sad smile

Abuse someone who deserves it!Steaming mad

Sit alone, watch the rain & cry!Crying face

Laugh till your stomach hurts!Laughing out loud

Dance even if you are too bad at it!Secret telling smile

Pose stupidly for snaps!Winking smile

Call your loved one at the middle of the night!Call me

Go & live life… Smile

Because you know it’s going to end one day!Ghost



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