Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kindness with Weakness: Never compare!

I know many people who always try to take advantage of the other even when it is going to harm or affect the people adversely. These people are selfish, they only want their success. To them only their success, their progress, their welfare, their improvement means everything. They can’t see happiness of other people. Whenever they see someone to be happy they will always ruin their happiness by some or the other means. They envy others. But don’t to worry, they can never be the happiness for anybody. These creatures are simply ignorant of the fact that if they try to find happiness in other’s joy then they can be overwhelmed by super happiness. Doing this, they can make their surrounding full with lots of positive energy. They don’t know the miracle of kindness. They are not kind, that is their weakness.

There are some other sets of people too. They don’t seek any favour behind their work or deeds. They just don’t think for even a blink of eye before helping others. To them others’ success, progress, welfare, improvements counts. They feel content and happy when they help others, make them happy. When they drag people out of problems, they feel content. They don’t have any thing to fear, that is their nature. They find happiness in their pain. They feel the hurt & pain suffered by others. They understand that whatever they do, they will get back the same thing back from life. After all Newton’s Law applies in all aspects of our life. These kind of people are full of enthusiasm & energy. These people are loved by everybody else. They know their meaning of life. Whenever they can help any needy person, they feel themselves grateful. This is their weakness, they are kind.

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