Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Promises Made! Hopefully will be kept!

Each time I make a promise, somehow the promises I made could not be kept. Sometimes I broke the promises & sometimes to whom the promise has been made went away from my life. Today after introspection, I found that whatever the times be being a part of the promise I must at least try to keep my words of confidence intact. I must be true to myself, which doesn’t means just to promise & forget, but to promise and keep the promise. I have always believed in honesty that is what my parents taught me in my childhood and I will always be the same honest true person through out my life. Life is one & I want to make it a meaning, so that when ever I retrospect, I can smile & feel proud of my deeds.

Yester night I have realised that I get much more satisfaction & pleasure when I write things down. I believe this to a good medium to be closer to my dream. And this practice will help me to improve the language itself in which I prefer to write. Though I can give my best in non other than English. I didn’t tried my hands at Hindi but I believe I can pretty well execute my writings in plain Hindi.

Some of my friends complain, “Why I do lot of Facebook & Twitter?” The answer to their very question is simple and precise, i.e. Whenever some idea clicked into my brains I write it in my cell phone & GRPS and some social networking software like Snaptu helps me to update my status in these social networking websites in few seconds. And I am very delighted to say that some of my friend loves to read my updates, sometimes they even copy my update and paste the same in their updates. This makes me a happy man. I love it.

I believe a lot in my potential to write. Though I couldn’t give much time to writing. I promise myself to write at least 4 blog posts in a month. I have realised on more truth of life, i.e. In life whatever condition you be, you are the only one who will be responsible for your life’s days. I have seen lots of dream through my eyes in this small life & I want to see my dream in reality. I want people to learn this. I find this to be the best way to stay fit, stay happy. May be this is my start, I want my end in a dignified manner. And believe me friends the road I have chosen for me will not be a easy one to walk through. And I have to fight a good fight to see the end of the road. I may fall thousand times, but I will stand the one thousand and oneth time. This I promise tonight.

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